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About Me

Get to Know Mal

Hey, I'm Mal. I love nothing more than being outdoors in the fresh air, and exploring the trails.


Growing up in rural New Zealand, I nurtured a deep appreciation for nature and the outdoors through numerous adventures in the bush and on hiking trails.


My running journey started in 2016 to support a weight loss goal, but I soon discovered a passion for the sense of achievement, social connections, and mental well-being that running offers.


From participating in 5K Parkruns to conquering 100km Trail Ultra Marathons, my running experiences have been diverse. I believe my prime running years are still ahead, as I continue to set ambitious goals.


While I find joy in all types of running, the trails hold a special place in my heart. Disconnecting and exploring the Tasmanian wilderness on my days off brings me immense happiness.


I strongly believe that running is inclusive for everyone. Whether or not we are aiming for podium finishes, we all have the potential to become the best versions of ourselves.


With proper training and a well-rounded program, we can pursue and accomplish goals beyond our imagination.

I am a firm believer that running is a universal language that speaks to the hearts of all individuals. It doesn't matter if you're a seasoned athlete or a beginner taking your first steps – what truly matters is the courage to start and the perseverance to keep going. Let's lace up our shoes, hit the trails, and write our own stories of determination, resilience, and triumph.

"OVERLAP - Super fun, encouraging, and inclusive."

Paige, OVERLAP Athlete & OVERLAP Coach

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