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Tailored Coaching & Programs

Ask any runner what their key to success is and they will probably say consistency. With OVERLAP, not only do we work with you to ensure your running training fits your lifestyle, but you also join a growing community of like-minded passionate runners from all over the country to keep you inspired. 

Choose your journey.

  • Best Value

    Premium Tailored Coaching

    Every week
    +$50 Set-up Fee
    A Tailored ongoing running plan specific to YOU. Your journey, with our complete guidance.
    • Tailored program provided fortnightly.
    • UNLIMTED adjustments.
    • UNLIMTED communication.
    • 10% discount on all OVERLAP gear.
    • Discounts from our partners.
    • Access to a private WhatsApp group.
    • Change to a Block Program anytime.
    • * Pause/Cancel anytime.
  • 12-week Block Program

    Every week
    +$50 Set-up Fee
    A Tailored Program for Your Needs and Goals, Presented in a 12-Week Block
    Valid for 12 weeks
    • 1 Free Revision included (if necessary).
    • Monthly check-ins with your personal coach.
    • Discussion on race day planning and strategy.
    • Discounts from our Partners.
    • Access to a private WhatsApp group.
    • Continue your training with back-to-back blocks.
    • Upgrade to Premium Tailored Coaching at any time.

Preset Programs

Not sure if you're ready to commit to a coach? Explore our ready-made programs.

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced runner, there's a program suited for you.

These programs are crafted to assist you in achieving your fitness objectives at your own pace.


Simply select a program, make the payment, and download it to your Final Surge account (a free App) to begin whenever you're prepared.

Upon completing a program, you can advance to the next level, or, if you wish to delve deeper with a personal coach and expert guidance, select one of the options above.

Programs are added & updated regularly.

What is Premium Tailored Coaching?

Premium Tailored Coaching is an exceptional coaching service designed to provide individuals with personalized guidance and support to achieve their fitness or performance goals. With this premium program, athletes receive UNLIMITED adjustments to their training program whenever needed, ensuring that their regimen evolves and adapts along with their progress and changing needs.

One of the key features of Premium Tailored Coaching is unparalleled communication and access to a dedicated coach. Athletes have direct and constant interaction with their coach, via Whatsapp, email, or Instagram Messaging, enabling them to receive expert advice, ask questions, and seek guidance whenever required. This close relationship fosters a strong coach-athlete partnership, enhancing motivation, accountability, and overall results.


Premium Tailored Coaching offers additional benefits such as exclusive discounts on OVERLAP gear.


With UNLIMITED adjustments to the training program, UNRIVALED communication with a dedicated coach, and EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNTS on gear, athletes can expect a premium coaching experience that is tailored to their unique goals and requirements.

What is a Custom Block Program?

Our Block Programs are a comprehensive training program designed to help runners achieve their performance goals effectively and efficiently. These programs are delivered in their entirety through the user-friendly platform, Final Surge, ensuring a seamless training experience.

With the Block Program, participants have the opportunity to work closely with a dedicated coach who provides ongoing support and guidance. This includes monthly check-ins to assess progress, address any concerns, and make necessary adjustments to the training program. Additionally, clients have the benefit of accessing *one revision of their program, allowing them to fine-tune their training approach based on their individual needs.


One of the key advantages of the Block Program is the ability to see and plan the entire training block from start to finish. This holistic view enables runners to better understand the progression and structure of their training, helping them effectively schedule and prepare for key races or events.


All of our blocks are delivered in a 12-week block. Once you reach the end of a training block, participants have the flexibility to sign up for another one, continuing their progress and maintaining their training momentum. This ongoing access to the Block Program ensures that runners can consistently work towards their goals with the support of a dedicated coach and a structured training plan.

​*You are entitled to 1x revision per block. Any additional revisions thereafter will incur a $50 fee per revision.

Our Coaches

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