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About Me

Get to Know Ursh

Hey, I'm Ursh, and I'm a lover of all things ultra-running, travel, and adventure.


In my younger years, I was full of beans and loved running short-distance sprints at Little Athletics.  As I entered adulthood, I found new interests in adrenaline sports including BMX riding, motocross, and snowboarding.  This took me to new destinations living and travelling in Canada whilst spending many seasons chasing the best snow in New Zealand, Japan, and the US.


My running journey to ultra running started during Covid 2021 lockdowns.  I was primarily a rock climber and mountain biker however once lockdowns hit, I found it challenging to access the crags I would normally climb.  So instead, I cranked up my usual hiking pace to a run out on the trails.  Needless to say, I quickly signed up for my first ever ultra soon into my running career, skipping a marathon and going straight to the 50km!  Not the ideal way to start, however, I learned lessons quickly and did the hard work to ensure my body was stronger than ever for even bigger distances.  I set more ambitious goals, wanting to tackle bigger mountains and longer distances, including the 50 miler, 100km, and 100miler.  One of my most recent and proud accomplishments, in 2023, I completed the infamous UTMB CCC 100km race across Mont Blanc.  Through dedicated training and the support of the trail running community and coaches, I have achieved many running goals and learned invaluable lessons along the way.


I have a strong passion for supporting women, teens, and our younger generation in the benefits of getting out in nature and running trails.  As a female runner, it can at times be daunting for women to feel the confidence and connectedness to get out there and conquer the trails.  Personally, early on in my running journey, I felt isolated and disconnected from the running community while going through an incredibly difficult time.  I decided to find the courage and put the word out there to other women and see if there was anyone who would like to run socially every week.  Surprisingly I had women connect with me once I put the word out and I created a small social all-women’s trail run group on the Gold Coast, creating a sense of community, connectedness, and safe space for women to run together.  I hope as a coach to encourage and inspire more women and young people to feel safe out there on the trails and achieve whatever running goal it is they might set out to achieve.


If you have a goal trail race, ultra-distance run, or any running goal you wish to conquer.  Or you’re just curious about running trails, hit the button below to start the conversation and coaching journey…

No distance is unattainable, it’s the journey and the path you choose, and the people who support you along the way that make running so fulfilling.

"Signing up with OVERLAP is one of the best things I've done for my running."

Kylie, OVERLAP Athlete

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