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OVERLAP was created with a desire to help and inspire, to create lasting habits and life-long friends, and to facilitate a space where all runners of all backgrounds and abilities are welcomed into a family, a place where we can have fun together and help each other to new heights.

What we do

We're an online coaching company that provides a consistent, personal, and joyful running experience designed for you and your life.

We coach adults with goals from 5km through to Ultra Marathons, whether it be road, trail, or track, we can tailor a program for you.

Why we do it

To inspire and create lasting habits for you to develop and thrive as a runner and a happier, healthier person.

Consistency + Time = Goals Achieved

Our goal

To create a community where runners of all backgrounds & abilities can support and push each other to reach their goals and aspirations.

Our programs

Find out more information about our coaching & programs here.


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"Most importantly, the training always felt fun! I looked forward to every session knowing it was tailored to suit me and the goals I had"

Kelly, OVERLAP Athlete

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