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About Me

Get to Know Amy

Hey, I'm Amy. I hope to inspire and encourage individuals to accomplish their own “impossible” running goals, whatever they may be.


I have been involved in running and racing for the past six years, however, running did not come naturally to me initially, as I used to avoid physical activities while growing up. However, my perspective on running changed when I joined a community running group. Being a part of such a diverse group made running and walking feel more achievable, and I gradually transitioned from walk/runs to Sunday long runs.


The connections and friendships I formed within the running community have taken me on an exciting journey. I have had the privilege of pacing races for distances that I once considered impossible, and it is incredibly fulfilling to assist others in reaching their goals.


The impact of running and the healthy lifestyle it promotes led me to pursue a degree in health science (complementary medicine) in 2020. I am always eager to expand my knowledge in distance running and nutrition.


Living in the picturesque Tasmania has deepened my love for trail running and ultra running. Trail running may seem intimidating at first, but it is more achievable than it appears. One valuable lesson I have learned from trail running is that it is perfectly fine to walk when needed. Trail running has not only introduced me to the sport but has also resulted in long-lasting friendships. The trail running community is incredibly supportive, and the positive influence of these individuals has enriched my life in numerous ways.


In my role as a coach, my aim is to motivate and support individuals in reaching their own "impossible" running objectives, regardless of what they may be.

"OVERLAP - Super fun, encouraging, and inclusive."

Paige, OVERLAP Athlete & OVERLAP Coach

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